Sunday, August 8, 2010

École Louis-Hébert, Rosemont

École Louis-Hébert, RosemontThe École Louis-Hébert is in the Rosemont area of Montreal. It was designed by Charles David and built in 1936.

The building is three storeys high with entrances and stairwells at each end sitting out from the rest of the façade. The upper floors are identified by bands of close-set windows while the ground floor has large windows with a large square pane in the centre with smaller panes arranged around the outside and separate, narrow windows on either side angled back into the wall. Raised bricks provide decoration at the outer edges of these windows.

École Louis-Hébert, Rosemont

The name of the school is spelt out in metal lettering across the façade above a relief of an open book.

École Louis-Hébert, RosemontThe wings at either end of the building are decorated at the lower level by bold horizontal lines and each bears a relief above the windows.

The reliefs are by Alice Nolin and each is surrounded with a pattern consisting of raised bricks. One relief shows a man and a woman, labourers on the land, while the other shows a woman siting under a tree reading to two children.

École Louis-Hébert, Rosemont

Reference: Rosemont Tour Booklet, World Congress on Art Deco, Montreal, 2009

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