Monday, October 25, 2010

Maniototo County Offices, Ranfurly

Maniototo County Offices, RanfurlyThe building of the Otago Central Branch Railway on New Zealand's South Island led to the development of the city of Ranfurly. Within 40 years the Maniototo County Offices were relocated from Naseby which had been by-passed by the railway.

So we have these new offices built in 1935. Not much decoration but there is a horizontal band of plaques level with the top of the window panes each bearing three sets of three overlapping discs. There's that Art Deco 'rule of three' again.

Maniototo County Offices, Ranfurly

Then below the flagpole on the right hand front corner of the building is a shield showing a horse-drawn waggon disappearing into the distance and a steam train emerging. A wonderful reference to the coming of the railway that gave birth to the town.

Maniototo County Offices, Ranfurly

Rural Art Deco Ranfurly Walk

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