Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apartments in Massawa

Apartments, MassawaThis is an interesting apartment block of indeterminate age in Massawa.

I find it unusual that the upper floors overhang the ground floor providing shade and shelter for the footpath. The columns on the open balconies are the same as the columns between the windows. The windows are shuttered so they may, in fact, not have any glass.

Decoration takes the form of a row of diamonds above the second storey windows and a more complex combination of repeating geometric shapes above the top floor windows. There is also the squares on the balcony walls and the 'union jack' panel in the centre of each balcony.


  1. Interesting find indeed. When I first saw it, the building really reminds me of Brutalist period buildings as many were designed in this manner; but usually the finish was in raw off form concrete. Very interesting building.

  2. I agree Thomas it does have that Brutalist feel to it but I think the decoration makes it a bit more human.