Monday, December 6, 2010

Beresford Avenue, Twickenham

Beresford Avenue, TwickenhamBeresford Avenue is in an area of East Twickenham that in the 18th Century was part of the Twickenham Park Estate. The sub-division of the the park from around the middle of the 19th Century saw a series of housing developments until finally Beresford Avenue was constructed in 1935.

The Beresford Avenue Conservation Area Study published by the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames in July 2000, states that the avenue was designated as a Conservation Area in 1990 because it 'is a cul-de-sac development of twenty six semi-detached two storey houses with garages built in the mid 1930s to a largely unified design'.

Beresford Avenue, TwickenhamThe houses have these wonderful bulging window bays from the ground to the pitched roof with curved metal windows.

In general low walls or fences have been maintained and in some cases the houses still have the original sunburst design gates.

Beresford Avenue Conservation Area Study, London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames, July 2000


  1. A gorgeous development!
    Not often am I confused between Bauhaus and Deco, but I think the Bauhaus influence on these East Twickenham houses was important. I say "influence" because the roofline is definitely not flat and there is no underground parking/playing/storage space.

  2. Thanks Helen.
    Thats why I try to keep out of any of those technical 'What style is this?' discussions. I leave it to the experts.

    1. They are actually 'Restrained Moderne' have a look at this:

    2. Thanks Nigel!
      Another reason I keep out of the style discussions. There are so many divisions within each sub genre.

  3. Just happened upon your blog. I live in the UK near Bath and there is a wonderful 1930s deco cinema which has sadly been converted to a conference centre/christian centre. See pics here:

    I attended a training day there and spent most of the lectures admiring the plasterwork!
    Worth a nosy round if you're ever near...