Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Edificio San Felipe y Santiago, Montevideo

Edificio San Felipe y Santiago, Montevideo

This amazing building in Montevideo looks like it was built yesterday but it actually dates from 1941 and was designed by architect & alchemist Humberto Pittamiglio (1887-1966). If you follow this thread on you'll see some older pictures of the building when it the ground floor was covered with graffiti. It looks sensational now.

Edificio San Felipe y Santiago, Montevideo

Humberto Pittamiglio (1887-1966),
Edificio San Felipe y Santiago - Montevideo,


  1. It's superb. I wonder if the tower at the top housed the lift motors, although it may not have even had lifts.

  2. Well done Montevideo! It really did clean up beautifully! And it looks as if the very interesting gates on the ground floor were saved.

    Have you ever seen Deco architecture that included decoration quite that on the top floor and ? tower, as seen in your photos? What might the inspiration have been?

    1. Helen, the decoration on this building seems to me to be simplified and enlarged giving it a 'mock deco' feel of the late 20th century. Perhaps there are alchemy influences. Pittamiglio built & lived in a 'castle' in Montevideo that incorporated some principles of alchemy. Here's a link to brief story on Castillo Pittamiglio from Américas magazine. (