Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Headquarters, Adelaide

Adelaide Symphony OrchestraIn 1908 TJ West opened the Olympia cinema in a former ice skating rink in Hindley St, Adelaide. For the next 30 or so years it hosted films and vaudeville acts until West decided to rebuild it as a modern cinema using architects Evans, Bruer & Hall in association with Sydney ‘cinema specialists’ Crick & Furse.

The new cinema opened in December 1939 and now serves as the headquarters for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO).

The exterior of the building is dominated by a rectangular tower and bears little external decoration. The tower has a series of 4 horizontal bands providing a somewhat aerodynamic look. The windows on the facade are separated by vertical fins showing simple stepped decoration and rounded tops.

Foyer, Adelaide Symphony OrchestraFoyer Ceiling, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

The foyer inside is a wonderful circular space. The ceiling has a large round feature with hidden lighting showing off the blue and pink colours.

Mirror, Foyer, ASOCurving staircases hug the walls leading up to the mezzanine level punctuated by matching mirrors on each side which reach almost from floor to ceiling. The mirrors are etched with a series of wavy lines that echo the wave of the staircase banister.

The ASO run their Tea and Symphony series from the Grainger Studio in this wonderful art deco building.

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