Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Most Beautiful McDonald's in the World

Most Beautiful McDonald's in the World, Clifton Hill

The McDonald’s restaurant in Clifton Hill, Melbourne is the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world.

Originally the United Kingdom Hotel, it was designed by architect James Hastie Wardrop and constructed 1937-38.

It is a spectacular art deco pub consisting of a central stepped fin and curved wings with deep rounded balconies. The windows overlooking the balconies are also curved.

MaccasBands of different coloured bricks provide decoration on the ground floor.

The original side door on the left has been bricked in and a new door cut into the side wall where there was previously a small window.

Whatever you think of McDonald’s, it is fantastic that they were persuaded to keep this wonderful building and it has served as an example to help protect other buildings including the former Taradale Hotel in New Zealand which was also converted to a McDonald’s.


  1. The star-filter glint on the arches is soooo perfect. Corporate calendar material. :)

  2. The hamburger gods were shining that day ... what can I say.

    Thanks for dropping by Chris.

  3. Stunning building! The Art Deco building in the same street near it is also another stunning building.

  4. disagree the most beautiful mcdonald's is in new hyde park ny usa.

    1. That is certainly a lovely building but let's agree to disagree. I still prefer my deco McDonald's as the most beautiful in the world.

    2. the difference being Dento House is a Georgian-style mansion, and instead of original plan to demolish they kept exterior and completely gutted interior where as McDonalds Clifton Hill (originally United Kingdom Hotel) is heritage listed so it is as it was when built in 1937 inside and out