Sunday, May 11, 2008

Change Rooms, Fawkner Park

Art Deco Cricket Panel, Fawkner Park, MelbourneThe main sports in Melbourne are cricket in the summer and football in the winter so it is not surprising that the change rooms in Fawkner Park carry panels representing these two sports. What is marvellous for me is that these panels have been done in an art deco style.

The cricket panel shows a batsman under a blazing Australian sun completing a fabulous shot to the boundary. The fieldsman, with his collar up, hasn't even moved.

Footy Panel, Fawkner Park, MelbourneThe footy panel is my favourite. It is rare to see Australian Rules Football represented in deco style and this shows one of the most exciting aspects of the game. Under ominous clouds a player leaps for a high mark while the defender tries to punch the ball away. He almost takes on a ballet pose as he attempts to spoil the mark. Behind him, in the distance, the unmistakable four posts of an Aussie Rules goal.

Cricket, footy and deco perhaps there is only one city in the world where this could happen ... sports mad Melbourne.

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