Friday, May 9, 2008

Bank of Ireland Buildings, Belfast

Bank of Ireland Buildings, BelfastThe Bank of Ireland Buildings dominate the view along Royal Avenue in Belfast. It dates from 1928 by architects McDonnell and Dixon.

A clock tower with the main entrance to the bank set in the base at street level dominates the corner. The green oxidised copper dome on top goes well with the darker green under the windows and the main doors.

Asymmetrical wings stretch out from the tower perhaps to make the best use of an irregular shaped city block.

Doorway, Bank of Ireland Buildings, BelfastThe metal work on main doors to the bank offer a pleasant art deco pattern. Simple rectangles supporting a vertical line of chevrons with a gold coloured piece at the bottom of each one.

The design is repeated in the transom window.

Above the doorway, the name of the buildings is shown in relief highlighted in black.

Detail, Bank of Ireland Buildings, BelfastAnother doorway along the side of the buildings is identified by the name of the bank shown in relief above it and again, like the main entrance, the name is highlighted in black. Further above the name of the bank, a relief of a stylised face provides further decoration.

The Belfast Daily Photo featured this building in September 2007 indicating that it was empty at that time and worried about its future. I add my concern and hope that a suitable use can be found for this gem.

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