Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Misi Company, Tulsa

Misi Company, TulsaThe Misi Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma occupy a modest art deco building away from the downtown area.

I like the way all the decoration comes from the way the bricks have been laid.

The doorway is stepped back under a fantastic asymetrical pediment. Although it is mostly a large rectangular expanse of brick, there is decoration to provide some interest in the three recessed bands around one side and the curved tops to the columns on both sides.

The simple window is set into the corner of the building further breaking the hard lines of the bricks.

There is also interest in the circular step in at the door and the curved end to the concrete path in front of the lawn area.

It is a shame that there sign is a little too large and just a bit too close to the building but then I suppose they could of stuck it above the door whoch would have been much worse.

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