Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beach Dressing Pavillion, Williamstown

Sirens Restaurant, WilliamstownThe Beach Dressing Pavillion on the Esplanade in Williamstown was built in 1936 and now provides the setting for Sirens Restaurant and Bistro.

This building echos the nautical theme almost expected by its seaside location.

There is a flagpole near the 'bow', a deck with a metal railing offering magnificent views over the Bay, portholes and a circular 'bridge' at the 'stern'.

A great example of a heritage building that has been adapted and reused with a fantastic result.


  1. Nicely restored it is, as when I was a lad it was a burnt out hulk, rotting away, unused and unloved. So happy to have it alive again.

    1. Wow. They've really done a great job then. Sounds like it would have been so easy to take a bulldozer to it.