Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hoddle Bridge, Richmond

Hoddle Bridge

In 1837-38, surveyor, Robert Hoddle laid out a grid of streets for the new settlement of Melbourne then just a few years old.

Pylon, Hoddle Bridge, RichmondA century later, Hoddle Bridge was completed at the bottom of Punt Road hill where in Hoddle's day, a punt would have been the only way to cross the Yarra River.

The bridge named in his honour, inscribed with the year 1938, bears many deco features.

The pylons cut through the water like ships bows. Each one supporting not only a span of the bridge but an ornate street light supported on an art deco column.

The metal railings, shown below, carry a simple geometric design.

Below the road level, the bridge looks a bit sad but the elegant lines shine through the flaking paint.

Railing, Hoddle Bridge, Richmond


  1. Does anyone have a reference from the early days of the colony, when there was a divide between North and South, and armed guards stood at the punt to stop people crossing, the river at that point?

  2. Or is that a myth from approx the 1840s