Monday, June 9, 2008

Hotel Arthur, Helsinki

Hotel Arthur, HelsinkiWhen I visited Finland, I stayed in Hotel Arthur in Helsinki, chosen purely on the name (father-in-law), the location (central) and the cost (good value). So I was pleasantly surprised to find a bit of deco decoration.

It hard to say how old the decoration is. The rest of the building did not look particularily old or deco.

The Hotel Arthur website indicates the hotel celebrated 100 years in 2007 but surely 1907 is too early for this style. I guess it doesn't really matter but it is sometimes nice to know.

The other thing about this photo is the icicles and snow on the window sill. I went in the first week of March thinking that the weather would be starting to get a bit better after winter.

Well. It didn't snow while I was there but the harbour was still filled with pack ice and I was very glad I'd taken my woollen hat and warm overcoat.

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