Saturday, November 7, 2009

A House in Camberwell

A House in Camberwell

I adore the front of this house in Camberwell. I don't know if it is a deep verandah or an enormous porch behind that complete semi-circular arch.

On a hot November Saturday in Melbourne I look at this house and wonder if it is cool in there.


  1. I bet it is, the walls look thick. Beautiful archway.

  2. David,

    this lovely home looks as if it has all the qualities of a Californian bungalow, except there are no tapered, square, freestanding columns that support the roof.

    Or if there were columns, they have disappeared into the huge semi-circular arch.

    When I am prime minister, I am going to require all middle aged people who have launched their adult children to sell the family home. They should live instead in 2-bedroom Californian bungalows. What do you think?


  3. Katya, I bet it is cool as well. I can't imagine much light or heat getting into those front windows.

    Hels, I stopped myself calling it a California bungalow but it certainly has that look to it. And it was the lack of columns that swayed me in the end.

    When are you standing for PM. Do need someone to help hand out on election day :-).