Monday, November 30, 2009

Mulqueen Family Function Centre, Bendigo

Mulqueen Family Function Centre, Bendigo

This may have been a pub in an earlier life, it certainly looks like it. It is currently the Function Centre for the Mulqueen Family Funeral Directors.
These funeral directors have been in business since 1853 and took on the name Mulqueen & Sons in 1934 so they may have built this great looking Art Deco building for their own use but it really does look like a pub to me.

Some of the windows and the side doors bear a wonderful geometric frosted glass design.

Mulqueen Family Function Centre, Bendigo


  1. Gorgeous! Love the doors on the side.

  2. Sorry to disappoint, but it was never a pub.

    My family purpose built the original building in the later half of the 1800's in a Victorian style. We also provided a livery for the hire of horses and carriages from the rear of the property.

    In the late 1930's the building was remodelled extensively in an Art Deco theme and continued as both a family residence and funeral parlour through until the early 1970's when new premises were built next door.

    Whilst continuing to be used as a residence for various family member after the new premises were built, it laid somewhat dormant until the 1990's when it was combined with the 'newer' property and the original chapel & associated rooms combined to provide after funeral function space.

    As a footnote, the majority of the old funeral home exterior is Art Deco, much of the interior has been returned to its original Victorian style.

    Hope this helps ;o)

    1. No need to be sorry. I am never disappointed to learn the truth about the history of a building. It is great to know that it is still basically being used for the for the same purpose that it was originally built.

      The building has been used by the same firm for well over 100 years and been adapted as the needs of their business have changed. That's a fantastic story.