Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A House in Moe

House, MoeI posted some pictures of an Art Deco house in Moe the other day so just for good measure here's another one.

With this house I particularly like the levels and shapes of the chimney and the vertical arrangement of porthole windows in groups of three. One group either side of the door and a third group on the extreme left of the house. Perhaps that is the bathroom.

House, Moe


  1. The chimney is quite a creation. As for portholes, less is more. One large one in the space next to the door would have looked better, in my opinion of course. While it isn't a symmetrical house, it is nicely balanced.

    1. I can take or leave the ones at the door but I really like the ones at the side of the house.

  2. So lovely! its gorgeously welcoming I think this might be my dream home! x

  3. Yes the portholes are very cute, very ocean liner-ish.