Monday, August 20, 2012

4 Peterleigh Grove, Essendon

4 Peterleigh Grove, Essendon

I hope you've enjoyed my previous posts of houses in Peterleigh Grove, Essendon because it is one of Melbourne true Art Deco gems. The majority of houses in the street were built on the cusp and through the early years of the Second World War (1939-41) and there they remain today. This is No. 4. A fairly conventional house with a great porch.

4 Peterleigh Grove, Essendon


  1. Many such places are spoilt by cheap aluminium security doors. This place has a rather nice wrought iron door with nice lines.

  2. First of all I want to thank you for your blog. It is great. I love Art Deco and I need to be better at carrying my camera (or getting a better camera on my phone) so that I can capture the gems I find.

    As to this house, there isn't much here except for the entrance, but what a great entrance. The house itself is nice but drab, but the entrance makes it stand out from all the houses around it. It also gives you an idea what you can do to make an existing run-of-the-mill house special.

    Thanks for including it.

    I have a website with a single Art Deco page, . I am in the process of adding some more and would love to use some of your photographs (linking back to your site of course). I will email you if I can find your contact info.

    1. Thanks Joffre
      I like the sentiment of your comment but if you make it to Peterleigh Grove you'll see that this house does not stand out from those around it because they are all fabulous deco houses but I know what you mean.

      Happy to talk about your blog, you'll find a Contact Me link in the right hand sidebar.