Monday, August 6, 2012

Kent Hotel, Miami

Hotels, Miami

A great block of Art Deco hotels in Collins Avenue, Miami South Beach. I'll post some pictures of Palmer House and the Tudor in the coming days but today here's the Kent Hotel.

Kent Hotel, Miami


  1. I love the look of Kent Hotel.

    But I keep worrying about the original colour schemes of Miami’s buildings in the real Deco era which should have been white, grey and beige.

    In the post on the topic I cited the designer Leonard Horowitz as being responsible for the tropical pastel schemes (in the late 1970s). Now I am not sure.


    1. I don't know or sure either Helen. The Miami Design Preservation League ( talks about 'Barbara Baer Capitman and her son John Capitman working with designers Leonard Horowitz and Lillian Barber to identify a concentration of 1930s buildings in South Miami Beach that the group felt could be a historic district of 20th century architecture' in August 1976.

      Whether the pastel scheme was 'invented' at that time or built on an earlier tradition, I don't know.