Sunday, September 2, 2012

Conargo Shire Chambers, Deniliquin

Conargo Shire Chambers, Deniliquin

The foundation stone of the Conargo Shire Chambers was laid be Percy Landale esq on 20th December 1930. Another stone set in the wall, informs us that A C Fitznead was the Engineer and W J Caddy was the Builder.


  1. You have shown gorgeous Deco buildings in small country towns, built at the very worst part of the Great Depression.

    I would have assumed two things: a] that Deco was a very urban, modernising trend that would have appealed less to rural towns and more to city sophisticates and b] even if rural towns did aspire to new and splendid architecture, that 1929-33 would have been a particularly difficult time to raise the money.

    Perhaps Conargo Shire Chambers was planned in the heady, pre-Crash days.

    1. I know what you are saying Helen. I guess each building has its own story and you find some of the amazing buildings in rural towns. Have you seen the Art Deco in the Australian Bush blog ( It has a great collection of buildings.