Friday, April 11, 2008

Abercarn, South Yarra

Door, Abercarn, South YarraThis fantastic Art Deco door belongs to a block of flats in South Yarra, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The name Abercarn is nicely worked into the design of the door, sitting on top of a series of frozen fountains, decreasing in size as you move down the door.

I love that the paint is worn off at the bottom of the right-hand door. Purists might want a pristine paint finish but, to me, it shows that the building is lived in and the old door might sometimes stick and need a bit of persuasion with a well placed foot.


  1. stunning door. those lines are so beautiful. and i like the peeling paint as it character.

  2. I do love the signs of human occupation.

  3. Truly delightful and nice to see the work wit utmost precision designed to look best. thanks for sharing the post on art decor and painting

    1. You guys weren't the people who painted out this wonderful patina since this picture was taken were you? :-)