Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ostend, Brighton

Ostend, BrightonOstend is a substantial block of flats by I G Anderson built in 1934-35. The building sits right on the foreshore in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton providing direct access to the beach. The white doors along the front wall are actually boatsheds and I like to think that at least some residents still house their boats there.

The complex façade is a series of art deco style setbacks. The left edge of the building is squared-off with a flat section broken by a strong vertical band leading to two interlocking semi-circles on the roofline. The rounded balconies marking the end of this section would all been open like the top one in the picture but like Arnold Court in South Yarra most of them have been enclosed.

Ostend, BrightonA somewhat plain section links the balconies with the most striking feature of the façade, a circular tower topped with finials which descend in curved steps from a small pagoda style cap. The ribbed finials continue down the front of the tower casting shadows that provide depth to the building’s seaside face.

A second series of balconies complete the façade by curving around to the side of the building. All of these balconies have been enclosed, unfortunately using different window styles which detract slightly from the original beauty of the façade. It is still a great building though.

Ostend has been repainted recently and looks great against a stormy sky.
Ostend, Brighton
Ostend, Brighton

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