Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dilapidated Doorway, Asmara

Apartment doorway, AsmaraI love this doorway in Asmara. From memory it is from an apartment block in Maryam Gmbi St, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I look at what is left of the door and it just screams Asmara Art Deco.

The large semi-circular handle is just like the ones on the doors of the Cinema Impero in Liberation Avenue. They are perfect for a cinema, very grand for an apartment block.

The metalwork in the top part of the door combines alternating curved sections with simple straight supports. Again there are similar examples of this elsewhere in Asmara.

Finally, the sunburst pattern above the door is a common deco motif, used the world over.

This is a great doorway. Sure, it needs a bit of work but imagine what it would look like with the metalwork repaired and the glass replaced. It would be sensational.


  1. You have an eye for deco gems. I miss Asmara.

  2. Thanks Sami.

    I'm not surprised you miss Asmara, it is a magic place.