Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trevu Flats, Glenelg

Trevu Flats, GlenelgTo be honest, the Trevu Flats in the Adelaide suburb of Glenelg is not the most spectacular building around, but what attracted my attention is the two staircases curving in the same direction. This configuration was probably forced onto the builder/architect because the block abuts the back of another property so there wasn’t the space to allow the staircases to go in opposite directions but it may well have been conceived that way in the first place. In any case I think it looks great and lifts the building to be something special.

Besides the staircases, the Trevu Flats have several Art Deco features. The name of the building is spelt out in stylish lettering on the front of the building between the ground and first floor balconies. Those balconies are enclosed by matching canvas blinds which preserves the integrity of the original structure while providing shade and privacy for the residents.

The flats are made of red brick with a horizontal cream band running around the building between the two floors. The lintels above the windows are similarly painted cream and work well against the green window frames. The tiled hip roof, for me, lets the building down. I feel it would be a more striking building with a flat roof.

The garden is surrounded by a low stepped red brick wall which is mirrored in the small concrete balcony on the side of the building.

Even now, looking at these photos, my eyes return to the steps. Whether they are an elegant solution to a physical limitation or a stylish flourish on the part of the designer, they are beautiful.

Trevu Flats, Glenelg

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