Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flats, Worthing

Flats, Worthing

Blockbuster Entertainment, WorthingThis wonderful streamline Art Deco entrance belongs to a large block of flats in Worthing, in the south of England.

No doubt it once had a flagpole as can be seen in the entrance to the commercial part of the building around the corner.

I don't know what business originally occupied that part of the building but as you can see back in 2000 it was a Blockbuster Video store and as far as I know it still is.

Blockbuster Entertainment, WorthingThe raw concrete and upper floors of the flats have been painted white since I was there as can be seen in Alan Cooper's 2006 photo on

There would be a nice sense of irony if this had once been a cinema, now a Blockbuster Entertainment store but it looks more like a showroom with lots of glass on both floors.

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