Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A House in Bendigo

House, BendigoThis modest Art Deco home in the rural Victorian city of Bendigo.

I particularily like the use of brick as a decorative element against the smooth render of the walls.

The simple application of bricks arranged in a triangle is repeated three times along the front wall and also on the wall of the porch at the front door.

This porch is supported by a square made from the same bricks. The lowest part of the house is also clad with these bricks and the run up either side of the chimney and break through the roof but do not continue to the full height of the chimney.

The bricks have also been used in the shadows at the top of the walls under the eaves.

This arrangement can also bee seen in the garden wall which has a row (or two) of bricks top and bottom.

The gate posts also have a row of bricks top and bottom with the addition of a stepped element on top.

The house certainly isn't as spectacular as this nearby house but I think it is lovely that so much effort was out into the architectural decoration of a modest family home.

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