Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hollywood Court, Durban

Hollywood Court, Durban

Hollywood Court designed by Hobbs & Bonieux, was constructed from 1937-39 in the South African city of Durban.

The vertical columns really stand out on this building and I like the way they undulate on the upper floors perhaps reflecting the seaside location of the city.

The main central columns are topped by a series of three discs. While the finial (if that's what it is) right on top is decorated with three rectangles.

Hollywood Court, DurbanThe lines of the building are broken halfway up with a zig-zag motif between the two outer columns.

This motif is repeated above the lettering spelling out the Hollywood Court name which sits above the main entrance.

The interior of the foyer retains some original elements include a piece of furniture or decoration which even the Durban Art Deco website has difficulty identifying its function, calling it a folly.

In any case it is a nice piece incorporating chrome seagulls, a clock and tile decoration.

Hollywood Court, Durban

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