Saturday, March 21, 2009

AIG Building, New York

AIG Building, New YorkI read with interest a recent post at the Mindful Walker entitled Wanna Buy an Art Deco Gem? Ask AIG which expands on recent news reports that the troubled international insurance company (and Manchester United shirt sponsor) is considering selling their New York headquarters.

The 66-storey building located at 70 Pine Street near Wall Street is as the title of the article say an Art Deco gem. Originally built for the Cities Service Company it was designed by Clinton & Russell and Holton & George and constructed from 1930-32.

I visited the area one dark day in 2005 although perhaps not as dark as those experienced by Wall Street in more recent times. It did allow me to capture the wonderful lights in the foyer through the windows above the entrance.

AIG Building, New York

At street level the building includes such wonderful art deco features including this light fixture.

AIG Building, New York

And one of the more interesting features is this 3D model of the entire tower included in the decoration above the doorway.

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