Friday, March 20, 2009

A House in Port Melbourne

House, Port MelbourneThis is quite a spectacular house for Port Melbourne, I think it is quite a spectacular house for anywhere.

It sits on a triangle shaped corner block which immediately sets it apart but also most of this part of Port was built up in the late 1800s, almost certainly before WWI.

Part of the reason why this house dates from after WWI is that is is built on reclaimed land. Land reclaimed from a lagoon which when European settlers arrived in the area teemed with wildlife but within 60 years was a polluted mess and by the late 1920s had been completely filled.

With this house, I like the line of decorative bricks across each gable and on the left as we look at the picture, the bay window next to a window with a curved top, again decorated with brick.

The metalwork on the fence is appropriately deco and very stylish. The pattern is repeated in the metal of the security/fly screen doors under the gabled porch. Even the brick wall has a row of thin dark brown bricks adding a nice simple feature.

Fence, Port Melbourne

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