Sunday, October 18, 2009

A House in Tulsa

House, TulsaA modernist house in Tulsa with a simple metal balcony curving around the rounded corner of the house.

The house also has a porthole window and there is also a flight of stairs leading to what is probably a flat roof.


  1. I love this Tulsa house and have very fond memories of living in a home EXACTLY like it in Caulfield - white concrete, wrought iron balcony, no exterior decoration, flat roof, curved corners etc etc.

    But that brings me back to Le Corbusier and Bauhaus, especially in Europe and Israel. Except for the wrought iron, this Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv seemed to have come from the same impulse:

  2. This is called the Whenthoff House and has a most interesting design history. It's one of my favorite residences in Tulsa and I hope to include it in my "Tulsa Brick x Brick" series of paintings highlighting the heritage of Tulsa's Architecture...particularly Art Deco (my favorite being Streamline). Here's a link to its page on TPC's site:

  3. Thanks Celeste, your painting series sound very interesting and time-consuming.