Friday, October 2, 2009

Phylstan, St Kilda East

Phylstan, St Kilda East

This is Phylstan, a streamline house in St Kilda East.

I like the use of contrasting dark brown bricks for the base of the house and as decoration in two bands around the roofline. The stepped chimney is also constructed from these dark bricks and the two-tone decoration is continued in the low wall surrounding the front garden.

To the right of the entrance the house has a beautiful curve and a curved glass window which I assume looks out from the loungeroom.

The curve is echoed in the concrete shelter of the porch which also bears an interesting design of repeating semi-circles which is reminiscent to woodwork I have seen on the verandahs of older Victorian and early Edwardian weatherboard houses in inner other inner Melbourne suburbs.

Garages, St Kilda East

At the rear of the house there is this matching double garage. A planning permit sign attached to the fence indicates a proposed extension including the demolition of the garage. Which is a shame.

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