Friday, September 24, 2010

Avenue Court, Albert Park

Avenue Court, Albert Park

I've often driven past Avenue Court in Albert Park and been taken by the façade. At first glance it looks like the balconies on either side of the central open stairway but it is much more subtle than that.

The curved parapret sits above the top right balcony and the central stairway providing shade for both. The balcony itself sits slightly higher than the landing of the stairway and I think it is this which fools the eye into thinking the balconies are offset. In fact they at the same level but the ones on the left of the building do not have the depth of those on the right so the are asymetrical in that sense.

The pattern in the metalwork on the railings on each landing is also used in the small front gate.

Avenue Court was designed in 1934 by IG Anderson and has been assessed by Heritage Victoria as Significant at a State Level.

Avenue Court, Albert Park

Heritage Victoria, Avenue Court, Statement of Significance

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