Sunday, September 5, 2010

Run-down House in Silver End

Run-down house, Silver EndI've blogged before about the village of Silver End in Essex where a number of modernist homes designed by Thomas Tait were built for workers of the nearby Crittal windows manufacturing plant.

There were a number of simple homes built for workers and a few larger house for managers, such as Wolverton.

I visited Silver End about 10 years ago and photographed this house, which is very similar to Wolverton, so I would say it is one of the manager's houses. It was quite run-down but offers wonderful potential as a fantastic home.

I wonder how it has faired over the past decade?

Door, Silver End

Gatepost, Silver End


  1. The more we write about these builings, the more people find out about these buildings, the more people get to like these buildings, the more people people take an interest in buildings in their area, the more people find out about buildings in their area, the more people ...

  2. Your comments are so very true David, keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks Thomas. You are part of it. Your Tasmanian Art Deco & Modernism blog is fantastic

    David S has set up the Puerto Rico Art Deco Society

    And have you seen Valentin Mandache's blog on Romanian architecture?
    There's lots of good stuff out there.

  4. Thanks for the links David, yes some great stuff out there! I also have a new blog, Australian Art Deco & Modernism at