Friday, January 7, 2011

27 Peterleigh Grove, Essendon

27 Peterleigh Grove

I've previously posted articles about No 5 and No 34 Peterleigh Grove, an amazing street in the Melbourne suburb of Essendon where most of the houses were built between 1939 and 1943.

This is No 27.

As with other houses in the street, No 27 employs different sized and different coloured bricks to provide decoration. Note the dark top of the chimney and the porch, the band with a central feature across the front of the porch and a similar band above the corner window. There is also the window sill, the base of the columns of the porch and the two horizontal bands running around the middle of the wall.

The standard size of the cream bricks is used to create the stepped arches leading to the front door.

The brick gatepost echoes some of the features seen in the house; the dark base, the thin dark capping and the dark middle block.

Very quickly, however, your eyes alight on the simple clean lines of the metal gate.

Art Deco in the Western Suburbs tour booklet, Art Deco and Modernism Society


  1. That is a very nice house. I am going to make a point of walking that street. You call them cream bricks, and I am sure they are, but quite different to the cream bricks of the fifties. Nicer really.

  2. Definitely visit the street, it is fantastic. Yeah the 50s cream bricks are much more yellow, aren't they?