Monday, January 31, 2011

Footscray Town Hall

Footscray Town Hall

Joseph Plottel designed the former City of Footscray Town Hall, now also known as the Maribyrnong Town Hall, to replace an older Town Hall dating from 1875. The building was opened by the Governor, Lord Huntingfield in November 1936 and it was described at the time in the souvenir programme as being treated after the Romanesque manner.

Footscray Town Hall

While I can appreciate it as a fine building I don't especially like the decoration. Too busy for my taste, however, the entry in the Victorian Heritage Register talks of some contemporary Moderne styled interiors so no doubt I will have to go back and take a look inside.


I did like the pair of standard lights in front of the entrance at the footpath. I wouldn't call them Deco but sit on a rounded brick column at the end of a stepped wall. Each one carries a small rectangular plague on its base proclaiming DONATED BY FOOTSCRAY BRANCH AUSTRALIAN NATIVES ASSOCIATION TO COMMEMORATE THEIR JUBILEE 1886 TO 1936. I like that.

Wall, Footscray Town Hall

Footscray Town Hall, VHR H1218


  1. I don't mind the decorative detail, but definitely not up my art deco alley. Those lamps are pretty cool.


  2. There are bits of the decoration I don't mind either but overall not my style.