Thursday, January 27, 2011

Barton House, Plymouth

Dragon Mart, PlymouthI wrote about this building in October 2008 and at the time I knew nothing more about the building than I could see in the photo which I had taken sometime in 2000-01.

Subsequently, I found out that it was known as Barton House in Colin Campbell Court. Originally it was a car showroom/garage for a dealer caled Barton and since my photo has been a Mothercare store and, I think, a Habitat store.

At one point I thought it had been demolished. Happily I was wrong.

Today I see on the BBC Devon website that the building will feature in an interesting art project from 31 March - 9 April this year.

As part of Plymouth's Hidden City Festival, theatre company Part Exchange Co will present a performance guiding people through the history of the building. Colin Campbell Court car park will be set up like a drive-in movie theatre for the audience to watch the show from the comfort of their cars.

No doubt it will be an interesting event. Unlike America and Australia, Britain does not have a history of drive-in theatres so it could be a first-time experience for many of the audience.

BBC Devon, Plymouth's Drive In Deco unveiled
Hidden City website, Drive In Deco

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