Saturday, March 19, 2011

Brockwell Lido, London

Brockwell Lido, LondonDuring the Art Deco period, exercise and outdoor activity was very much in vogue. The rich and famous had sundecks and roof terraces but lesser mortals had to make do with the beach, public parks and swimming baths or lidos as they were often known in Britain.

In 1937, London County Council upgraded the public bathing facilities at Brockwell Park with the construction of Brockwell Lido replacing an older swimming pond elsewhere in the park.

Brockwell Lido, LondonThe buildings were designed in Art Deco style and are now protected with a Grade II listing.

Unfortunately a very similar lido in Victoria Park, Hackney which opened a year earlier, closed in the 1980s and has been demolished.

Brockwell Lido website
LIDOS IN LONDON no longer open: Victoria Park Lido, Hackney
News in a Nutshell - London's New Lido Opened at Victoria Park, British Pathé, 21 May 1936


  1. Your reference of Lidos in London no longer open is both informative and tragic. Is has been difficult till now to find that information, lido by lido. Thanks for the link

  2. Yes it is nice to see them documented and I agree sad. Imagine how much better London would be with just half these lidos still open.

    Jane Smith's book, Liquid Assets mentioned on the site looks very interesting.

  3. Great post; really glad I found this site!

    Some positive news regarding another lido, Saltdean, has just been announced:

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  5. Thanks Bruce, I was reading the good news about Saltdean being raised from Grade II to Grade II* just before I saw your comment.