Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Haeremai, New Norfolk

Haeremai, New NorfolkWith a name such as Haeremai in a place called New Norfolk you are excused for jumping to the conclusion that this modernist house is in New Zealand.

It is, of course, in Tasmania. New Norfolk being in the Derwent Valley, not that far from Hobart. Perhaps a displaced Kiwi has named their house using a variation of the Maori word for Welcome, or it fits the genre of popular housenames such as Ruo Emoh.


  1. That is nice. I haven't seen ruched? blinds for years.

  2. I barely know the correct architectural terms so don't get me started on curtains and blinds. They fit the house so well that I hadn't noticed them until you commented on them.

  3. Here am I?

    the blinds are probably festoon Blinds - or maybe Austrian. My eyesight is awful and I can't find my glasses.

    I love the detailing on the roof line. Now what would you call that? Over to you, David.

  4. Me too Toni and thanks, by the way, for dropping me in it to come up with a name for the roofline.

    I would call it stepped or perhaps even scalloped but if either of these bear even a passing resemblence to any actual architectural terms is based in coincidence rather than any knowledge whatsoever.

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for the comments on my house. I have lived here since 2003 and absolutely love the home, its awesome, so many features, from Festoons, Austrian blinds to gold leaf painted picture rails, hand painted ceiling roses, it was a former funeral home, had a wood mill under neath, but now its MY HOME... Shakas

    1. Thanks Pete. Lovely to hear from someone who appreciates where they live.