Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Building in Milton/Sittingbourne

Building in Milton/SittingbourneI snapped this little building in 2000 or 2001 in Kent, England. If I took any notes of what the sign says then they are long lost. The only clue I have is the small foundation stone near the door that reads :

H H Scattergood

A search of the internet reveals the Sittingbourne, Milton, and District Directory 1908/09 that lists an H Scattergood as a member of the Milton Bowling Club Committeee and also a Mr H H Scattergood as Secretary & Collector of the Milton & Sittingbourne Horticultural Society. So I have made the assumption that this building is around the Milton/Sittingbourne district.

Sittingbourne, Milton, and District Directory 1908/09, Reprinted 1980 by W.J. Parrett Ltd, Sittingbourne, hosted by rootsweb

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