Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fourteen Peterleigh Grove, Essendon

A couple of recent posts on Andrew's excellent High Riser blog (I see deco #1 & I see deco #2) prompted me to revisit my photos of Peterleigh Grove in Essendon. And while Andrew does refer to me and this blog in those posts, I have been a follower for some and often find myself lingering there jumping from item to item on his wide-ranging topics. But Art Deco is my thing so back to the topic in hand.

Peterleigh Grove is a magnificent residential street with most of the houses dating from 1939 and through the early years of WWII.

I've featured some of the houses in the street already and you can find all the posts here and today I'm giving you a glimpse of No. Fourteen.

Fourteen Peterleigh Grove, Essendon

Art Deco in the Western Suburbs tour booklet, Art Deco and Modernism Society


  1. Hello:
    The brickwork over the porch, and indeed the number fourteen, are interesting details. It is a pity that quite so much of the facade is masked by the planting either side of the entrance.

  2. Thanks for the mention. I wonder if we are causing a increase in foot or car traffic.

  3. I imagine your Western Suburbs tour booklet found lovely residences and non-residential buildings all over the west, but there seems to be something special about Essendon. (And Williamstown). Number 14 is well looked after and very green!

  4. Jane & Lance - The original plantings for the garden are probably one of the most difficult thiungs to manage since they grow well beyond their initial size and as people live in and leave the property different attitudes and skills are brought to the garden. Given the drought we have had for the last decade it is lovely to see so many plants thriving again.

    Andrew - You are welcome. I hope we are making more people visit this wonderful street ... but too many of course. The more people that are aware that preserving intact streetscapes actually enhances their street then the more chance we have of stopping over-development of our older suburbs.

    Hels - It was a good day on the bus, despite the weather. Saw lots of interesting buildings and as you say, Essendon has some special areas.