Sunday, April 17, 2011

St Francis de Sales Regional College, Leeton

St Francis College, LeetonA glimpse of a certain shade of cream coloured bricks and a flat roofline always has me wanting to stop the car for a bit of further investigation.

On Yanco Avenue, on the way into Leeton, I caught sight of that certain shade of brick colour and was greeted with this substantial brick sign when the car pulled into the first available side road.

It was a Saturday morning so I was able to duck into the grounds for a better look and was reward with this magnificent school.

St Francis College, LeetonTwo simple rectangular blocks perpendicular to each other joined by a curved section with a open balcony. The entrances are identified by towers climbing just above the roofline. The main entrance tower taller and more elaborate than the side entrance tower. Both are topped, not quite by flagpoles, but by crosses befitting the nature of the college.

The lower floor windows on this side wing are shaded by a concrete ledge, an eyebrow and I find it a bit perplexing that the upper windows have not been given similar protection. Perhaps the trajectory of the sun in this part of New South Wales makes it unnecessary yet the design of the building includes a concrete strip above the windows where the eyebrow would sit.

St Francis College proved to be a great welcome to Leeton and far from the only stunning building in town.

St Francis College, Leeton

St Francis College, Leeton

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