Friday, April 29, 2011

Town Hall, Numurkah

Numurkah Town HallThe Town Hall in Numurkah was designed by Melbourne architects A C Leith & Bartlett. It was constructed in 1938 by builder L L Bode of Seymour.

An article in The Argus at the time specifically mentions the arrangment of the windows for the main hall. ' ... two rows of square glass panels, separated by dark-toned bricks running the full length of the hall.'

The artical also talks of a planned projection room with 'the equipment mounted on special swivel gear' to allow screenings in the auditorium or an open-air theatre at the rear of the building.

I wonder if the projection room was installed. It isn't mentioned in the Argus article when the Town Hall was offically opened on 16th November 1938 by then neither is the brick decoration spelling out the words 'TOWN HALL' above the door.

Numurkah Town Hall

Numurkah Town Hall

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  1. Very interesting design David. I really like this style, it's showing visual signs of the post war period with the main entrance design and the formality of the brick work.

  2. Thomas, I thought of you when I was looking at this building and wondered if you had seen it.