Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A House in Somerton Park

House, Somerton ParkThis is a house in the Adelaide suburb of Somerton Park. It has many deco features. Curved walls and windows on the second storey, metal railings and glass brick walls at the entrance. I can't tell if it is new or old or a bit of both. Regardless, the front wall is really nice. I like it a lot.


  1. Based only on the lichen on the roof and the wall vents on the upper storey, I would say old, but obviously altered.

  2. It is certainly an interesting house. There appear to be two garages and two driveways but only one door. There is a name on the wall above the entrance which implies flats or a single dwelling. Sorry, I've got more questions than answers.

  3. whats the st this house is on?

  4. Sorry mate, I don't know Adelaide that well. I saw it driving around and didn't take a note of the street.

  5. Perhaps this place qualifies for inclusion in your blog too?

    1. Certainly an interesting looking building.