Friday, March 21, 2008

Bartlesville High School, Oklahoma

was designed by architect John Duncan Forsyth and it was build in 1939. That year is displayed above the central door of the main entrance with BHS above the doors to the left and the right. Just to the right of the entrance there is a large tower with a flagpole on the near corner. The flagpole is connected to the bulk of the tower with seven short horizontal bands which wrap around the square corner.

Bartlesville High School, OklahomaFurther to the right is the auditorium marks by the three tall columns horizontal windows. Inside the auditorium has nice clean lines and simple decoration including bands of green and white on the lower part of the walls and a geometric deco design on the sides of the rows of seats. The door plates on many of the doors inside also have a stepped deco design.

To the left of the main entrance the building continues with large horizontal window on ground level that wrap around the corner as the next part of the building is stepped back. The second storey windows consist of five vertical columns contrasting the windows below and complementing the vertical windows which make up most of the next part of the building.

Bartlesville High School, Oklahoma That part of the school has thin columns of windows reaching almost the full height of the wall giving way to a graceful curved wall at the end of the main block with three horizontal windows and Senior High School spelt out above. The rest of the building stretching around the corner is again made up of thin vertical columns of windows.

Bartlesville High School is a fantastic streamline Art Deco building. It’s a shame it was such a rainy day when I got to this part of Oklahoma. It would have been nice to capture the white school against a beautiful blue sky.

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