Saturday, March 8, 2008

Presgrave Building, Melbourne

Presgrave Building, MelbourneThe Presgrave Building is tucked away down Little Collins Street and at first glance looks rather plain. On closer examination, however, you will notice the name spelt out in a pleasant art deco font and a series of strong horizontal elements.

Firstly the long horizontal bands of metal windows and then the lines on the spandrels between each band. The are lines on the top of the columns and also on the top and bottom of the each window.

Finally at the top corner of the building a rounded tower creates an asymetrical parapet and it too carries a series of horizontal lines.

Presgrave Building, MelbourneYou will also notice the curved windows on the corner of the building which mirror the tower which also curves around the corner.

The tower itself has the name of the building chiselled into its surface and is topped with a wooden flagpole. You may even notice that the horizontal lines around the tower are interrupted at the base of the flagpole by a circle motif as if providing a full stop to the buildings identity while echoing the button on the top of the pole.

Presgrave Building, MelbourneI have often by-passed this building without taking the time to look at it properly. I've come to the conclusion that it is a very stylish Moderne building and in a way it is a shame that Little Collins Street is too narrow to take it all in and really appreciate it.

In a more prominent position, the Presgrave Building would truly shine.

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