Friday, March 14, 2008

Muller’s Optomerists, Cape Town

 Muller’s Optomerists, Cape Town Muller’s Optomerists is a great little Art Deco in downtown Cape Town. The original building was built around the turn of the 20th century with the front added around 1920.

The combination of silver chrome and black surrounds really makes the front of this shop.

The door combines glass, and metalwork in a very stylish way. The bottom part of the door is metal, I guess to guard against an errant foot while the top two thirds are is glass with a thin metal frame dividing the pane and creating an overall curved look. Having it set into the curved edge of the building allows Muller’s to take ownership of their corner.

Muller's OptomeristBeside the door and on the side of the building is a fantastic silver deco ornament. A conglomeration of geometric shapes topped with a pair of round spectacles.

Also along the side there are bands of silver lines. One 'steps' between the upper and lower windows while a second underlines the lower series of showcase windows.

Muller's is a modest building but it packs a lot of style.


  1. you wouldn't know who designed this building would you?

  2. I'm afraid not. The Art Deco Architecture Cape Town Map produced by the Cape Art Deco Society in 2003 doesn't mention an architect.