Saturday, March 15, 2008

Woodville Hotel, Adelaide

 Woodville Hotel, AdelaideThe Woodville Hotel is one of a number of Art Deco buildings on the Port Road in Adelaide, South Australia.

The name of the hotel is spelt out in the front in a typical Art Deco font and vertically on the large fin or sail but in a different style. A covered balcony provides a shaded outdoor seating area while the verandah over the footpath provides shade for the ground floor windows. The verandah has press tin cladding in a deco zig-zag pattern.

 Woodville Hotel, AdelaideThis photo is my favourite view of the hotel. The curved ends of the building itself and the verandah contrast nicely with the straighter angles of the large fin and the stepped roofline up to the chimney.

I also like the contrast of the raw red brick against the blue-gray rendered parts of the building.

In a way, the Woodville Hotel looks like a ship sailing along the road towards Port Adelaide.

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