Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ahlwyn, South Yarra

Ahlwyn, South YarraThis block of flats, called Ahlwyn, offer a nice contrast between the cream render surrounding the balconies and windows and the red brick of the rest of the structure.

They were constructed in 1936 to a design by Arthur W Plaisted in Park Street, South Yarra.

The metalwork on the fence and gate, to me, are reminicient of French deco metalwork.

Ahlwyn, South YarraThe lettering above the front entrance which spells out the name and number of the flats add period style and sit in front of a series of horizontal lines set in the render.

The pair of lamps add another decorative element to the composition and even the brickwork above the entrance has small sections of bricks set out from the wall to provide further interest.


  1. Hi I own an apartment at 45 park st and I thought it was built in 1929??

  2. Thanks for your comment. I took the year of construction from the South Yarra Walk booklet produced by the Art Deco Society (now the Art Deco & Modernism Society) in 2003. As a result of your comment I did a search of the Australian Newspapers website ( The earliest reference I could find to Ahlwyn was from The Argus 18 January 1936 where a vacant flat was advertised. My instinct says that this means the flats were constructed prior to 1936 but it is inconclusive one way or the other.