Saturday, August 23, 2008

White House, Wanaka

White House, WanakaThe White House restaurant is a wonderful art deco building in Wanaka on the scenic South Island of New Zealand.

The building is a series of rectangular blocks with stepped rooflines, interestingly higher at the corners, stepping down to the centre. There are also several curved sections at the back.

Decoration minimal consisting just of a couple of short horizontal lines wrapping around the corners, an arrangement of three vertical bars on the centre of the curved sections and a flagpole at the highest point on the building.

The all is heavily stepped probably echoing stairs leading to the upper level.

The double gate mirrors the roofline stepping down from the edges while square peepholes complete the design.

I like the White House restaurant a lot ... no idea what the food is like.

White House, Wanaka

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