Friday, August 1, 2008

City Veterinary Hospital, Tulsa

City Veterinary Hospital, TulsaSometimes you find yourself in a foreign city, on a bus, camera in hand and a deco building comes into view and you attempt a quick photo.

Often the results are complete rubbish but sometimes everything aligns. The trees and the lamp posts and the cars and the pedestrians and any number of other things leave enough of a gap to get a clear shot. Sometimes it is even in focus.

This is the City Veterinary Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A modest building but anice use of squares, stepped back curved ends and extensive use of glass bricks.

Just don't ask me where it is, I was up the back of the bus with the other naughty kids.


  1. I ran across your post of the City Veterinary Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have been using this clinic for my pets for ages and just took my dog there yesterday. I made a blog post of it then ran onto yours.

    Did you take the photo while in Tulsa or did someone else take the picture? If you like art deco buildings, Tulsa has a lot of great examples. Here are some posts from an older blog I did.

    Let me hear from you.

  2. Hi Tulsa Gentleman,

    Thanks for the links to your blog. Good to see the building is still in use and find out a bit more about it.

    I was in Tulsa in 2001 for the World Congress on Art Deco so I was able to see quite a few great buildings in and around Tulsa.

    The Veterinary Clinic was just spotted as we were being bussed around and I was lucky to snap the picture.

  3. David and Tulsa Gentleman,

    My father, Dr. William F. Irwin was the owner and had commissioned The City Veterinary Clinic to be built. He practiced along with my mother,
    Dr. Helen R. Irwin, at this location until he was killed in a small plane accident in Alaska in 1959. Father had been President of the American Vetinary Hospital Assn. and my mother had been the first female graduate of KSU Veterinary School and probably the first practicing female DVM in the US. We lived in the Brookside area when I was growing up from 1945 to the mid-60's and many of the Art Deco buildings of this area of Tulsa are forever in my childhood. I currently have a home in the Asheville, NC area and enjoy the Art Deco structures there.

    Patrick Irwin

  4. Thanks so much for this background information Patrick.

    Looks like that Art Deco influence during your childhood has had a lasting influence. Asheville is a lovely place to live plus great deco buildings. City Building, Woolworths Walk, S+W Building. I only spent two days in Asheville and it had a great feeling about it.