Friday, August 15, 2008

Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium, Walthamstow

Wathamstow StadiumWalthamstow Greyhound Stadium will host its last night of racing tomorrow, Saturday 16th August 2008. The stadium has been sold to a developer for housing spelling the end for this East End institution.

Seventy-five years old this year The Stow provided a fantastic evening's entertainment watching the dishlickers do their stuff.

For me the bonus was the the 1930s deco styling as can be seen in the photo of the results board (above) and the concession stand on the popular side of the track (below).

Concession Stand, Walthamstow Stadium

Naturally any one who has been to a greyhound meeting at Walthamstow will remember the neon on the results board after the sun went down.

Walthamstow Stadium, NeonPink, green and red spelling out the name of the stadium and outlining the speeding greyhound.

The stepped top of the board supporting a neon clock.

I've had a couple of great nights at the dogs in Walthamstow and it is sad to see it go.

Anyone heading that way on Saturday, have a punt for me ... No. 1 in the first, it's bound to do well.

Neon Clock, Walthamstow Stadium

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  1. does anyone know who made the neon sign for walthamstow stadium??